The Spotlight PR team is skilled at securing media for our clients! Our team secured an inclusion for our makeup brand client, NUDESTIX, on the beauty and lifestyle website, PopSugar. Reaching more than 19.2 million readers, the article featured a makeup tutorial video, where NUDESTIX’s “Skin Glossing Pencil” was used in order to create the “high-gloss” makeup look, that’s trending for the fall season.


Spotlight Communications Group • Dr. Bill Dorfman

Our founder, Candis Melamed, spoke with celebrity dentist, Dr. Bill Dorfman, about what it takes to be successful in PR. The interview was part of LEAP Foundation’s “Meet the Mentors” program, which Dr. Dorfman co-founded. This segment was featured on Dr. Dorfman’s Instagram Live, reaching 56.7k followers.


Dr. Ava Shamban • New Beauty

Spotlight is always proud of our clients’ success! This week, celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Ava Shamban, was featured on New Beauty magazine’s website that reached more than 710,945 readers. In the article, Dr. Shamban explained why washing your face in the morning isn’t always necessary.


NUDESTIX • The Zoe Report

The hugely popular makeup brand, NUDESTIX, is always loved by the press! Reaching more than 1.2 million readers, the popular makeup brand, NUDESTIX, was featured on the lifestyle website, The Zoe Report. In the article, NUDESTIX was recognized as the makeup brand that will help ease readers’ makeup routines while bringing out their natural beauty.