Dr. William Kwan • Health Online

Due to our persistent outreach, we secured a feature for ethnic skincare expert Dr. William Kwan on Health Magazine’s website, which reached more than 11.8 million readers. The article not only touched on the best anti-aging products for people who have Rosacea but also turned to Dr. Kwan for his recommendation on an anti-aging product that people can use, without irritating the skin.


Dr. William Kwan • Byrdie

Our PR team secured an interview for ethnic skincare expert Dr. William Kwan with the lifestyle website, Byrdie, which was featured on their digital platform. Reaching more than 1.2 million readers, Dr. Kwan informed readers on Epsom salt and how it can be used to benefit your wellness routine.


Dr. Elroy Vojdani • Moneyish

Our PR team’s purposeful efforts secured two inclusions for Spotlight’s new client, and functional medicine specialist, Dr. Elroy Vojdani on the financial website, Moneyish! Reaching more than 1.6 million readers each time, Dr. Vojdani not only gave advice on how to destress but also informed readers of the negative effects that sitting at a desk all day can have on people.


Dr. William Kwan •

As a result of our determination, our team secured an inclusion for ethnic skincare expert Dr. William Kwan on the skin health website, Reaching more than 3.5 million readers, Dr. Kwan explained to readers what beta-glucans are and how they can be used in a skincare routine.


Dr. William Kwan • Beauty Blog

The entire Spotlight team constantly cultivates and nurtures relationships with health & beauty bloggers. As a result, ethnic skincare expert Dr. William Kwan was included on the beauty and lifestyle blog, Jenna Rose Colored Glasses. In her blog post, not only did Jenna Rose document her experience at Kwan Dermatology, but she also included skincare questions that she asked the Kwan Dermatology team along with their informative answers.