Dr. Ava Shamban •

Due to our strong relationship with the media, celebrity dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban was featured on Health Magazine’s website, that reached more than 11.8 million readers. In the article, Health turned to Dr. Shamban for her recommendations on the best sunscreens for sensitive skin.


Dr. William Kwan • San Francisco Chronicle

This week, the Spotlight team’s dedication and media relationships resulted in a feature for ethnic skincare expert Dr. William Kwan in the Sunday paper of the San Francisco Chronicle, which reached more than 163,307 readers. The article expanded on the conversation of antioxidants in skincare and included Dr. Kwan’s expertise on Vitamin C products. The article was also published on their digital site, which reached an additional 840,701 readers!


Dr. Ava Shamban • InStyle

The Spotlight team understands the power of online media and how to leverage it to benefit our clients! This week, our team secured a feature for celebrity dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban on InStyle Magazine’s website. Reaching more than 4.7 million readers, the article not only touched on the important things that readers need to know before getting lip injections but also included Dr. Shamban’s advice on how much filler a reader should get and approximately how much it would cost.


Dr. William Kwan • Moneyish

As a result of our skill, experience and relationships, the Spotlight PR team secured an inclusion for ethnic skincare expert Dr. William Kwan on the financial website, Moneyish. Reaching more than 1.6 million readers, Dr. Kwan explained to readers what type of skincare is worth splurging on and what other products you can save your money on.


Dr. Ava Shamban • TotalBeauty

Our strong relationship with the media secured celebrity dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban an inclusion on the beauty website, TotalBeauty, which reached more than 4.7 million readers. In the article, Dr. Shamban gave some insight on when the best time would be to change your moisturizer.


Dr. William Kwan •

The Spotlight team secured features for ethnic skincare expert Dr. William Kwan on the skincare website, – three times! Reaching more than 3.5 million readers each time, Dr. Kwan shared his expertise on Keratosis Pilaris, over-exfoliated skin, and the difference between salt and sugar scrubs.


Dr. William Kwan • Auve Daily

The Spotlight team knows that perseverance pays! Due to our strong outreach for the SkinCeuticals launch, ethnic skincare expert Dr. William Kwan was included on the local San Francisco beauty blog, Auve Daily. The blog post recapped the SkinCeuticals launch event that took place on March 1st at Kwan Dermatology, in San Francisco’s Union Square!