Social Media Case Studies


Spotlight Communications Group is responsible for overall marketing, as well as the social media and reputation management for a fertility medical practice now known as the West Coast Women’s Reproductive Center (WCWRC). The practice was renamed as a result of a branding exercise Spotlight completed with the founder of the practice, Dr. Tina Koopersmith.

Social media efforts essentially began at ground zero as the practice had little to no following. Also WCWRC only posted sporadically and ineffectively on Facebook and Twitter and had no Instagram account. The goal of the social media strategy was to position WCWRC as a unique leader in the fertility category that patients valued and trusted, and top media and category influencers turned to for commentary on subject-related stories.

We began by ensuring that all social media pages were synergistic in appearance, featuring WCWRC’s new logo, new tagline “Together We’ll Find A Way,” revised bio for Dr. Koopersmith, and new on-brand, synergistic cover art for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. Spotlight also ensured that each page was optimized with the ideal keywords to yield the best possible search result rankings.


The Spotlight Social Media team then sparked follower growth on all of West Coast Women’s Reproductive Center’s social media channels by participating in and/or creating several key initiatives. The largest initiative leveraged Dr. Koopersmith’s impressive and unique ability to explain various fertility symptoms, diagnosis and treatments to patients by producing over 70 informative videos featuring the dynamic “Dr. Koop”.

Each week, one video is selected as the “feature of the week” supported by five branded assets Spotlight creates to expound on the subject matter of the feature video.


These assets and videos are then shared across three main social media platforms to promote engagement with the center’s target audience, as well as cross-pollinated on various highly targeted online platforms, such as Fertility Authority, to increase top-of-mind awareness.


Each week, Spotlight also creates beautifully emotive branded assets for WCWRC’s #MotivationMonday, #WorkoutWednesday and #FertilityFoodFriday features, which appear across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.




The Spotlight Social Media team also highlights WCWRC’s blog content, capitalizing on trending hashtags and viral stories that involve the blogs’ subject matter.

In addition, the Spotlight Social Media team dovetails with our Reputation Management team to highlight one of the latest 5-star reviews Dr. Koopersmith has received on Yelp, Google+, HealthGrades, and various other medical review sites. Spotlight ensures each and every review is responded to in a unique, on-brand and personal manner. The review chosen for any given social media week always features an image of the review and the response patients see on the review platform. Meanwhile, negative reviews are approached with a 3-step strategy designed to either get the review removed or changed for the better.


Spotlight created branded assets that encourages followers on one social media platform (such as Twitter) to follow WCWRC on another platform (such as Facebook and/or Instagram). These assets run on a weekly basis on Twitter, bi-weekly on Facebook and monthly on Instagram. While top-line stories are populated across all three platforms, each platform features some unique content not found on any other platform. This serves to encourage the audience to follow the practice on all three platforms.


Another way Spotlight helps show that WCWRC is relevant and current is by creating branded assets for each national and international holiday, such as Independence Day and Valentines Day. Our team also creates branded assets for “notable days,” that are on brand with the practice, such as Book Lovers Day, Smile Day, Forgiveness Day, Nurse Appreciation Day, Be Kind to Others Day, etc.


While we are still in the prelminary growth stage and we are not at the place in the marketing plan where WCWRC will be devoting financial resources to help increase followers, the numbers have grown exponentially in a relatively short period of time. Producers and journalists are now contacting WCWRC to feature Dr. Koopersmith in their subject-related stories. Online influencers (bloggers and vloggers) have taken notice and are sharing WCWRC’s content to their much larger audiences, which is helping to build WCWRC’s followers. In additon, social media efforts have contributed to the growth of the brand and a larger awareness among the target audience of the practice.

The next phase of the marketing plan is primed to help the brand, the practice and the audience notably grow, all based on the effective and well-coordinated efforts of the Spotlight team working in unison to leverage each department’s efforts.

We’ll be sure to update this case study when we hit the next benchmark.