ExHale Healthcare Advocates



ExHale Healthcare Advocates, Inc (“ExHale Health”) helps consumers get the most from every aspect of their healthcare. ExHale Health’s seasoned industry experts help consumers choose health insurance plans, file claims, find the lowest costs for tests and procedures, and step in when consumers have been overcharged or denied services covered by their plans. By saving clients time and money, ExHale Health takes the hassle out of healthcare.

Founded by author and award-winning business leader, Sarah O’Leary, ExHale Health is the first company of its kind to define a new category in healthcare – personal healthcare management. It began when founding member of ExHale and breast cancer survivor, Lisa Rachman, barely survived the $88,000 worth of medical bills her insurers said she owed for contracting cancer. Now Sarah, Lisa and a carefully selected cadre of business visionaries dedicate their time to the first consumer-focused healthcare company in the U.S. today.

A pool of talent selected from the billing and departments of healthcare insurers and providers, ExHale Health’s team of “ExPerts” give a voice to the voiceless in healthcare. Using their expertise and knowledge of the industry to ensure clients get all they deserve from their health insurance, their services include:

  • A $25 health plan check-up (15 minute policy advisement)
  • Health plan transition advisement
  • Claim form filing and tracking
  • Claim submission and payment management
  • Pre-procedure negotiations
  • Post-procedure medical bill disputes
  • Denial of service disputes
  • Device and prescription price negotiations

Healthcare is a $2.8 trillion industry where consumers are most often the ones left holding the bag. And medical bills are the number one reason for personal bankruptcy, with 75% of those who file having had health insurance. ExHale Health works to relieve insured Americans of the stress associated with healthcare by handling every aspect of personal healthcare management on their clients’ behalf, affordably and effectively.